I'm currently a product manager in San Francisco, though at other times I've also been a founder, angel investor, software engineer, and esports commentator. I've spent most of the last two or three years concentrating on transitioning genders, so most of this website is out of date. I'll get around to updating it at some point.

Oct 2016:

I was a member of the 2015 Berke1337 squad that won the western region and placed second in the nation at the finals of the National Collegiate Cybersecurity Defense Competition. I was also on the founding team of Cal Hacks and its Executive Director in Spring 2015. In summer, I handed it off to go through Y Combinator with my startup, Instant eSports. In Fall 2016, I left and returned to school to finish my degree.

For a more complete list of things I've done, check out links/press/resume.